About Us

US Africa News is a bi-lingual, pan-African on-line news service, focusing on news of interest to the global African community. US Africa News is part of US Africa Media Services, a growing multicultural, and multichannel interactive communications platform intended to serve as a bridge to connect and engage people who are interested in Africa. Media services currently include Integration News, a free, bi-weekly bilingual (French and English) print newspaper, and US Africa News on-line. Currently in developments are:

  • US Africa Radio (usafricaradio.org), an Internet radio site which will offer news, music, and cultural programming; US Africa TV, a television broadcasting station


  • US Africa Digital Media Center, which will be dedicated to providing  independent African media coverage of New York’s diplomatic community


  • Live streaming United Nations events and interviews with African  leaders and dignitaries.


NB: All US Africa Media services are part of Integration News, Inc. a nonprofit media corporation headquartered in New York City.

Our Mission:


• To promote free speech throughout Africa

• To connect and engage a global audience, including residents of all 54 African countries who are desirous of hearing objective voices about their country and their continent; members of the African immigrant community seeking an honest source for news and analysis about their motherland, as well as an interactive forum for information and support; and others around the globe who have an interest in discovering Africa beyond the sensational headlines of wars, disease, poverty and exoticism.

Our Goals:


• High quality, balanced, and independent reporting and programming about Africa and topics of interest to the African community.

• A safe space for content providers to report and discuss freely about Africa in a constructive, unbiased, and uninterrupted manner.

• Interactive capacity for readers, listeners, and viewers to respond to articles and programs, ask questions, and share information.