By D.D , US Africa News. Updated 2014-11-23

Chad Armee

Sudanese authorities have been in a tizzy since November 17, when a Chadian citizen was arrested on their territory, not far from the border with Chad, in possession of 19 Sam7 anti-aircraft missiles: a terrifying cargo intended for Boko Haram in Nigeria, and whose sponsor was none other than ... Chad’s President Idriss Deby! Mahamat Gnorti Bichara is a mysterious character who has thrived in the last gasp of the Deby regime, like a fish in water, at home in both in the corridors of the Rose Palace and at the Presidential village.


A cool customer with the look of a snake hypnotizing his prey, neither military, civil servant, nor part of any security service, he has had constant access to the President. This character out of a spy movie was recently questioned in Al-Geneina, the provincial capital of West Darfur, a town about twenty kilometers from the town of Adre in Chad, by Sudanese Secret Service agents. A simple routine check stopped the large transport truck taking him to Chad. To avoid a search of his vehicle, Bichara Gnorti brandished a pass signed by Chadian authorities. This heightened the suspicions of the Sudanese, who decided to search the truck bottom.


Imagine their surprise discovering boxes containing 19 anti-aircraft missiles straight out of the stocks of the Sudanese Army arsenal. Handed over swiftly to the local military police, the Chadian was speedily interrogated and revealed a staggering fact: he had obtained the equipment after bribing half a dozen senior officers of the Sudanese army. Pushing their examination further, the Sudanese got a confession ... that President Deby personally was responsible for charging Bichara Gnorti with the task of acquiring the equipment and of conveying it to northern Nigeria where people - whose telephone numbers he had - were to take delivery at a specific location. The destination was clear: it was for Boko Haram!



Obviously, this astounding situation only serves to confirm everything that has been rumored for several months about the collusion between the Chadian despot and the Nigerian terrorists. The announcement to great fanfare of the signing of a pseudo cease-fire agreement between the terrorists and the Nigerian state set tongues wagging across the continent a few weeks ago. But an incident that has just given goose bumps to all Chadians is when, during an unannounced visit to the Djermaya refinery, the Sultan President confessed that the current shortage of fuel in Chad was due to the fact that unscrupulous marketeers have hijacked hundreds of tanks of fuel meant for local consumption to sell in northern Nigeria and the Central African Republic!



Much too much



Idriss Deby knows how a good part of Chad's oil is directly removed - and sold outside of controls: private reserves, reserved exclusively for the presidential family under the supervision of the Director of Petroleum. The Deby family controls this important quantity. It would be easy to broaden the base of this production and sale to whomever one wants.  To marketeers selling the reserve for local consumption in Nigeria and Chad? Why not? Especially if they are other members of the presidential family! Boko Haram needs fuel. So do the Seleka rebels. Yet the people of Chad need it even more. But apparently Idriss Deby has priorities; and it appears that the people of Chad are one of the lowest priorities for this Prince.


It will end one day. Inshallah!