By ERIC WEMBA, US Africa News. Updated 2014-05-11

The " D " Day

The United States undertakes to release 30 million dollars


The United States just committed $30 million to support the holding of credible elections in the DRC in 2016.

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced the news during a press briefing in Kinshasa on Sunday, May 4, after his interview the same day with the Congolese president, Joseph Kabila, and his counterpart, DRC Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda.

Kerry specified that the funding is designated for supporting the electoral process in RCD and the reconstruction of the eastern region of the DRC, which was decimated during more than a decade of war.

He asked the Congolese head of the State to prepare an electoral timetable and budget, by mutual agreement with the Government and Parliament, in accordance with the DRC’s existing constitution.

Kerry advised President Kabila to refrain from running for a third term, so as not to violate the section of the constitution which currently limits a president to a five-year term, and a second term, if re-elected.

While recalling that the world’s most powerful country has experimented with this democratic exercise in limiting the mandate of White House tenants over centuries, America’s diplomatic head advised his host and other African leaders in the same unhealthy situation to throw in the towel at the opportune time, in order to promote democratic movement on the continent.

Turning to the item of Eastern DRC, Kerry praised Kabila for his efforts towards peace in the DRC and stability in the Great Lake Region.

He praised the bravery of the Congolese army, which recently neutralized the M23 rebel forces with support from MONUSCO, while calling on the signatory countries of the Great Lakes Conference to maintain strict observance of the February, 2013 agreement in Addis Ababa.

Kerry also asked the head of the Congolese State to lift the measure prohibiting the adoption of Congolese children by American families.

The American Secretary of State reached Congolese soil on Saturday, May 3, arriving from Ethiopia and southern Sudan. After the Kinshasa stage of his visit, he was headed to Luanda for a discussion with president Jose Eduard Dos Santos.