Constitutional revision: the Opposition prepares its reply against Kingankati

By ERIC WEMBA, US Africa News. Updated 2014-04-12

Constitutional revision: the Opposition prepares its reply against Kingankati
Constitutional revision: the Opposition prepares its reply against Kingankati

From March 31 to April 3, the attendees for the platform "Save the DRC" sharpened their weapons to answer, point by point, the conclusions that came out of the last meeting of the members of the Presidential Majority at the farm in Kingankati.

This political gathering was marked by the presence of the director of the Office of the UDPS President, Albert Moleka, Jean-Lucien Busa of CDR, Jaques Chalupa, Mwenze Kongolo, and UNC Secretary Ewanga, and his Deputy, Claudel Lubaya.

Three keynote addresses were delivered to participants, including the president of the UNC (Union of the Congolese Nation) and the moral authority of the CVD, Vital Kamerhe, ECID president and coordinator of the FAC (Forces Organized for Change), Martin Fayulu, and the Coordinator of Civil Society, Ngoyi Mutamba.

In his speech, UNC, President Kamerhe has denounced "the resolve of the regime to try to subtly extend its current mandate through all sorts of strategies".

Among the strategies devised by the Majority, Kamerhe pointed to the projected 2015 Census, an operation expected to precede the local elections.

He expressed his concerns about the way in which "the Government will find time to conduct the census, with the cooperation of the CENI, and at the same time, to succeed in organizing the local, municipal and urban elections over the same period.

"No provision is made for the census, or pre-election actions, such as the updating of the electoral roll and electoral mapping", insisted the former speaker of the National Assembly before asking the participants to "think about verifying this correlation that the regime and the CENI seem to establish as mandatory between the Census and the organization of local elections, in order to lead us towards effective decentralization.

For his part, the Coordinator of the CAF fired a salvo at those described as "sycophants launched by the regime to see to what extent it can maintain the current president as the head of state beyond 2016".

For Fayulu, "these rantings reached their climax with the last Kingankati meeting which, in essence, sought how create the circumstances for perpetuating the current regime.

 Regarding the election of provincial Deputies to the second degree, ECID’s president stated "that it is abnormal to change the rules of the game during the same electoral cycle".  The Representative from Kinshasa stated that "in democracies, the Constitution is revised to modernize institutions and not for the purpose of maintaining those in power.”

The Opposition activist accused the ruling Majority of, “calling in the Abbot Malumalu as a reinforcement at the head of the CENI to put in place all the conditions for the sustaining the current regime, which is why the president of the CENI refuses to hold the audit of the electoral roll (implemented by Malumalu before his replacement by Ngoyi Mulunda)".

He reaffirmed the determination of his political platform, "Save the DR Congo" to eject Abbot Malumalu through his petition, which has already garnered 40,000 signatures. Civil Society Coordinator Ngoyi Mutamba called on the population, in accordance with 'in article 64 of the Constitution, to “take action to thwart any individual or group of individuals seeking to remain in power against their will".