By NANWOULET G. Simone , US Africa News. Updated 2014-04-20

Charles Blé Goudé

You, agents of Human Rights Watch (HRW), the General without a weapon, Blé Goudé, you always presented as the perpetrator of many crimes perpetrated in Côte d'Ivoire (CI), was presented officially to the ICC. We can obviously guess your joy to see your wish... impunity become reality.

That is why, you ask, after the first appearance of this young Patriot, that the Ouattara camp, i.e. Ouattara rebels are cited to appear at the Hague. But you continue to deceive you, unintentionally, perhaps even knowingly, not indexing the authorising officers and great authors of the massacres perpetrated in CI. You seem to ignore the sponsors, the true authors and co-authors of the killings perpetrated in this country of Éburnie.

Indeed, it is since September 19, 2002, that the killings began in this country which, before that fateful date, was a model of peaceful State and democracy with President Gbagbo. It is worth recalling the main actors of this Ivorian tragedy. First, Blaise Compaoré, President of Burkina Faso, the country that gave gites, covered, land and materials for training to the rebels. It is in this country that has been designed and prepared the rebellion. The Ivorian rebel leaders for most of the nearly illiterate today all promoted to the most senior posts of the army and the administration have long stayed there, before even the outbreak of the rebellion. the former Minister of Houphouët-Boigny, Balla Keita, who represented the UDPCI of General Guei in this group to prepare the rebellion was loosely murdered in Ouagadougou, probably for this reluctance to the criminal dimension of the project of the rebellion. And such as the case of the assassination of the Burkina Faso journalist Norbert Zongo, who would be the work of the Compaoré clan, this Ivory Coast still remained unaddressed.

Are there more suspect than that voluntarily and at the behest of the France, hosted in his country the Ivorian rebellion? Remember that in 2002, have been found in Daloa, ammunition boxes marked "Embassy of France in Burkina Faso". If so, need to avoid impunity, as you claim, it appears logical to start by the guardian of all West Africa, Compaore rebellions. The evidence is palpable, you must point hide this truth.

The second suspect is be sponsor-performer of this rebellion. that which, according to one of the rebel leaders was monthly funding the preparation of this rebellion to kick several tens of millions of CFA FRANCS; It is well Alassane Dramane Ouattara, who has been imposed to Ivorians. Why you want to quote his rebel subordinates and forget it royally? Far from being an indirect co-author, he co-authored, no doubt direct massacres perpetrated by his rebels.

In addition, is not this gentleman who has called its rebels, renamed FRCI, to descend on Abidjan to massacre thousands of Ivorians before succeeding to seize power, preferring the solution to that war, much more quiet, from the simple recount voices, proposed by the re-elected President, Laurent Gbagbo? Do not forget also that under his command, his forces "dozotiques" and other rebels massacred more than 1,000 citizens in Duékoué, and many more, throughout the territory; the only wrong of the latter, be pro-Gbagbo.

Why so do you not call the ICC prosecution also Compaoré and his brother Ouattara?

The third and fourth characters are be former french Presidents Chirac and Sarkozy, the real sponsors of this Ivorian tragedy which, for the selfish interests of their countries, have committed numerous crimes in CI.

Indeed, of 2002 Chirac, the Godfather-initiator of the rebellion has powered his army to participate directly and the massacres of the people indirectly. In 2004, in the mad desire to snatch power to Gbagbo, Chirac did kill by his Ivorian soldiers of many on the two bridges in Abidjan and throughout the territory of the Republic. Not satisfied with these crimes, he would dump a few years later, with the complicity of some Ministers RHDP, tons of highly toxic waste whose consequences are incalculable for Ivorians.

As Sarkozy, in 2010, to adjust the electoral trap litigation, in his resentment to "Finish" with President Gbagbo, he massacred, at the Official Residence of the President of the Republic of CI, nearly two thousands of Ivorians, mostly young people, come to be in this place a human shield.

Should these two sad characters of french, leading designers and actors in the Ivorian crisis, not be denounced in your writings to be brought before the ICC? Your silence will translate your bias and your racism against African Patriots? Your silence would not as a submission to the injunctions of Western leaders who, from the start of their rebellion, had already announced that the autonomist and Africanist Gbagbo would end up with the ICC? You confirm that you are their services and not that very noble, the defence of human rights.

This people, always quick to choose the path of the war to kill their fellow, to impose their voracity to the countries of the black continent. Why so you stay silent before the barbarian of Chirac and Sarkozy also actions in CI, Libya and many other places of the world?

Chirac and Sarkozy are there not humans accountable also for their crimes? You give reason at all these Africans who proclaim loud and clear, that the ICC and the international human rights organizations were created by Westerners, to judge only Africans, gagging the patriotes of the black continent and perpetuate colonialism continuing blithely plundering African resources. Human rights watch, show your impartiality by calling for the ICC, not only the pro-Ouattara, who are just performers, but also their masters Compaoré and Ouattara. Show also that you fight injustice and racism in denouncing the notorious Chirac and Sarkozy crimes in your writings so that they be brought before the ICC.

Be aware that, whatever the outcome of their trial, Gbagbo and Blé Goudé mark positively and definitely the spirit of Africans, in contrast to some heads of State, imposed in blood to power. Those will be quickly forgotten and will mark a black stone their ephemeral passage at the head of some African countries. In all cases, Africans will not be distracted by your partisan positions taken since Gbagbo and Blé Goudé are more numerous on the continent.

HRW, be aware that Africa will be able, despite your lies and injustices, to conquer, with the help of God, its true independence.