BLAISE CHRISTIAN SITCHET "I have plenty of stories to tell"

By Franck Felix Gutenberg, US Africa News. Updated 2014-07-23

BLAISE CHRISTIAN SITCHET                 "I have plenty of stories to tell"

USAFRICANEWS: Blaise Christian Sitchet, tell us how did you get into film?

BLAISE CHRISTIAN SITCHET: In going around on the festival circuit to present my music, I met several filmmakers. It was they who introduced me to the film world back in 2010. And since then, my passion for the art of film has continued to grow. But I have to say that if things moved quickly and in a logical and natural progression, it’s because I already had an aptitude for it. I started drawing when I was six years old. And I launched into the painting, and then music, very early. Since paint is a visual art and music is an audio art, the combination of the two made up the audiovisual that is film.

USAFRICANEWS: Currently you’re preparing the big premiere of your latest film. What is this film about?

B.C. SITCHET: It’s about giving advice to Africans in the Diaspora, to learn not to lose confidence in themselves. Also to be very careful when they decide to buy a home in the US. It’s a very funny film. The audience is certainly going to laugh from beginning to end.

USAFRICANEWS: Let’s talk about your first films. What is original in your films?

B.C. SITCHET: My first film is "I Am an American," which won the best comedy award at the Hot Media International Film Festival. My second is "Koming from Afrika" which is currently nominated for Best Comedy at the NAFCA Awards (Nollywood and African Film Critics’ Awards),and my third is "The Greedy Realtor," the premiere of which will take place on August 2nd, in Baltimore, US. The originality of my films is that I talk about the challenges of Africans who want to integrate successfully into American society. Also, my movies have actors of multiple races.

USAFRICANEWS: In your movies, you’re involved at the same time as actor, director, screenwriter, etc ... isn't it too much for one person to shoulder? How does it work out for you?

B.C. SITCHET: This is in good part why my hair has turned white in so little time. It's not at all easy, believe me! But more and more I am specializing in order to limit myself in the production. You can understand that I don’t want to end up with a grey beard this early.

USAFRICANEWS: Tell us, why make African films in the US and not in Africa?

B.C. SITCHET: I make movies here in the US because, first, this is where I live. I’ve been in this great country almost 16 years. So I have plenty of stories to tell, inspired by my daily life here.

USAFRICANEWS: Many Nollywood [Nigerian film industry] actors are now based here in the US. Do you interact with them often, and how do you get along?

B.C. SITCHET: We have very a good rapport. These folks are very friendly and very open, passionate, and professional. I have worked alongside a number of them, like Moses Effret, Best Davis, Monica Omordion Swaida, director Obed Joe, DGN [Director’s Guild of Nigeria], and many others. I have nothing but good impressions.

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