By Calixthe, US Africa News. Updated 2015-09-22

General Gilbert Diendere

The African Union Calls Out The Terrorist Elements Behind The Coup And Refers To Their “So-Called” Government  


This is the first time that the AU has stood firm when confronting a government arising from a coup. It made clear in its communiqué that it does not recognize this government and declared it will not negotiate with it; more seriously, AU Commission President Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma refers to the group as terrorists. The African Union has decided to freeze all assets of those involved in the coup in every AU State. It has also banned them traveling in countries within the Union. Unrecognized, and prohibited from banking and traveling, such is the fate in store for this group that Mrs. Zuma has labelled terrorists.


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Following a meeting of its Peace and Security Council (PSC), the African Union (AU) decided "to suspend Burkina Faso from all activities of the Union with immediate effect," declared the Union’s spokesperson, Ugandan Ambassador Mull Katende, who holds the rotating presidency of the Council, after an emergency meeting lasting several hours at the organization's headquarters in Addis Ababa.


The PSC also voted to adopt sanctions against "all members of the so-called National Committee for Democracy" who led the coup; all were struck with the travel ban and assets freeze in all Member States of the Pan-African organization.


The Ugandan diplomat condemned the detention of transitional president Michel Kafando, and other members of the government by soldiers of the Presidential Security Regiment (RSP), the former praetorian guard of ousted President Blaise Compaore, as a “terrorist act that should be treated as such".


"All measures taken by those who took power by force in Burkina Faso are null and void. The AU shall not recognize nor support any process conducted outside of the transition," added the diplomat on behalf of the Council for Peace and security.


The Council further called for the Commission to compile and circulate a list of members of the "junta" in order to condemn all the officers of the RSP as "terrorist elements".


According to the AU charter, any Member State that engages in an “unconstitutional change of power” should be suspended from the organization until the return of constitutional order.


On Thursday, September 17, Mrs. Zuma described the kidnapping by the military of President and Prime Minister as a “terrorist act” and rejected as “null and void" the “dismissal” of Michel Kafando.