By SKL, US Africa News. Updated 2015-11-24


It was a Friday night. Not even a premonition of the danger coming. Now we’ve had enough of these fanatics for God…


Who could have imagined that they were ready to strike at any time, in all possible ways and so irrevocably? Who had finally lowered their guard so that this carnage could take place this November? For the attacks against Charlie Hebdo, those of Fotokol, Kolofata [towns in Cameroon attacked by Boko Haram], and so many others augured that the war was changing shape and in order to fight it we must more than double our vigilance!!


But as always, we are human, too human--often lax, perhaps optimistic, we lowered the guard. And so the horror on that Friday. Larvae of blood churning in the earth. Distraught cries of incomprehension. The impression of a cataclysm. Of the end of the world, the irreversibility of things!

Someone pressed a button that they should not have, and now we are falling. This is not a war of buttons, but of joysticks slammed sharply and suddenly, bringing down the black curtain. It was an endgame for those 129 dead--dazed, stunned, never expecting to live this horrible death. Meanwhile the explanations and analysis have begun. And questions recycled again and again: What was the aim? For some, as an American rock band was playing at the Bataclan, the explosion of the auditorium was against the United States. Next, in the France Stadium, it was against Holland. And the restaurants, then? The other places? Why now? The Islamic State claims to be the sponsor of these assailants. But is the State itself in control of its holy war?


What is the cause of this uncontrolled escalation of attacks by death merchants? Are we still under jihad? It is hard to imagine this to be a holy war; still difficult to believe that this angry, unruly movement is the result of a prayer to God, demanding that everyone worship Allah! Allah Akbar? No, it’s hard to believe.


As a blast to our consciousness still fogged with tears, the carnage of Paris is an explosion of meaning. The paradigmatic benchmarks of analysis are dislodged by the frenzy of violence whereby individuals seek to channel the anger of the social movement, without having a rationale other than radical change by arming assassins who can only kill the weak.


On social networks, some Africans have rejoiced with impunity about what happened to France!! Contending that colonial wars have left the land of their ancestors full of many innocent corpses; unnecessary deaths. But who should pay the bill today? A young rock enthusiast going to see his favorite band at the Bataclan? This mythical place in the world of contemporary music? Such a trivial argument! For horror is horrible, whatever crimes or ideology one uses to justify the savage barbarism of the carnage of Paris. Is the war of the jihadists an anti-imperialist war? If so why does it mobilize through coercion? Why does it not propose a social pact, a program, which would be the standard of modern anti-imperialist combat? A mechanism to expose the hidden enemy of anti-imperialism as raptors, predators. Yes why? The carnage of Paris, the assault on Fotokol, are to be classified in the same category—in the same measure- a war beyond the control of its sponsors.


Because the physical and symbolic impact of these attacks is the horror, disgust and magnitude. It is not clear, moreover, that the sect of the Islamic State has recruited more followers now than previously. It is not obvious anymore that those who perpetrated these attacks are linked to the known groups. To be precise, the French attacker from Chartres, suspected of being one of the authors of the carnage, is 29 years old. Identified as a radical new convert, he does not appear to have racked up a police record in the name of Allah, who is great in his extreme gentleness, but which the acts of his followers traduce! “No criminal history,” say the police!! What awakened this? There were 17 people who acted together. But the Parisian investigators affirm that this is only the tree that hides the forest. If the organization is so well structured how were they able to slip through the security nets stretched in the fight against terrorism?


It is clear that terrorists have links, relations at the highest police level to "game" of the system of traps set by the forces responsible for ensuring the safety of the world. Clearly too, even if it seems paradoxical, the jihadists themselves have been infiltrated by men of neither faith nor law, ready to die for nothing in order to kill others.


Solidarity with the people of France is not negotiable. It is a duty of common responsibility, despite differences. No human civilization has in its genes such violence and no citizen in the world should tolerate such carnage, such humanitarian waste. Horror has only been one trend in the civilizations of men, inseparable from the tools we use to maintain power. But it is not a structural element of humanitarian conscience. So then?  We must have courage!